Case Study: London smart home with Crestron HD Audio video & lighting

smart home specialists, Custom Controls take us through one of their Crestron home automation projects in this beautiful London property…

Full Crestron HD Audio video and lighting Control

This sensational Mews house benefits from a full Crestron whole home Audio video system. Crestron wireless lighting controls allow easy control of all lighting levels in the home with lighting scenes available to be recalled by wall mounted keypads, Apple iPads or Crestron MLX-3 handheld remotes. Scene setting is straightforward – simply select the room and applicable lighting channels are presented on the iPads, adjust and save down to one of the scene buttons. It couldn’t be simpler, yet it uses a substantial amount of control. crucial rooms benefit from Crestron MLX-3 handheld remote controls allowing easy control of the room – including all AV sources and lighting too.

The advantages of a Crestron AV & lighting System

The Crestron Audio video distribution system allows the clients to take pleasure in their music collection in any room of the house, from the basement bar area to the master bedroom en suite. several music streams are available – allowing different people to listen to different things – including iTunes music, Spotify and Internet radio. rooms can be joined together to create tiny parties which is terrific if entertaining but is also used day-to-day in the master bedroom suite when moving between the bedroom, dressing room and en suite.

HD video sources are equally well-distributed – any TV can access any source allowing the client to start enjoying a film in the living room and continue enjoying in the bedroom. Centralised sky HD allows the clients to take pleasure in their recorded TV wherever they are in the home whilst CCTV inputs allow any cam to be checked out anywhere in the property. different rooms can, of course, take pleasure in different sources simultaneously.

Input plates in the living areas allow games consoles or other sources to be added in to the system and took pleasure in in full HD video and surround sound, whilst smart TV apps such as Netflix and iPlayer are sent back to the AV receivers in the centralised rack. This flexibility is crucial to our installs; we design our systems from the ground up to be flexible and future proofed – must a new games console be released the client can simply plug it in to a wall plate – requiring no reprogramming or changes to the system.

Crestron Wireless lighting Controls

Lighting control supplies a whole host of benefits – one button press can quickly recall lighting levels in a room, with different levels for different activities. All scenes are fully and simply programmed by the client so tweaks as seasons or requirements change are easy. outdoor lighting features colour changing LEDs, allowing the home to be bathed in different colours for different occasions. The alarm system is fully integrated into the Crestron system – setting the system switches lights and AV off in the building whilst unsetting brings on certain lights during night hours.

This home is particularly special as it uses the new Crestron wireless dimmers range (the house was purchased with a standard switched lighting system so rewiring would have been impractical and expensive). The Crestron wireless dimmers replace the light switches allowing a substantial amount of flexibility whilst – crucially – allowing a full integration.

No other wireless dimming system allows this level of control – scenes can easily be changed by the client through the custom-made created iPad application. When selecting a room in scene setting mode the lighting channels are represented by bar graphs – setting a scene is as easy as dimming channels up and down until the ideal effect is found and then pressing and holding a scene button. The saved scene can then be recalled from lighting keypads in the room, an iPad or a handheld MLX-3 remote control. The wireless lighting keypads even control audio volume in the room in addition to motorised blinds. A genuinely flexible option and terrific for retrofit!

A stunning home enhanced by a Crestron home Automation System

The whole home benefits from the Crestron system – lighting shows the home off at its best whilst the fully integrated AV system removes unnecessary clutter from rooms whilst using substantial amounts of functionality. The system does all this whilst boosting comfort and enhancing the aesthetics of the home.

Crestron Wireless lighting Throughout

7 x HD video Zones

2 x surround sound Rooms

7 x Stereo Audio Zones

iPad & iphone Control

Security & CCTV integration

This post republished with kind authorization of Custom Controls.

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