Drayton Wiser wise Heating Controls evaluation part 4 – 1 Year Older & much Wiser

It has been 12 months because we eliminated our conventional heating controls as well as started to set up the Drayton Wiser wise heating system. So now is an opportune time to show on our experience with the configuration as well as share our conclusions.

If you Google ‘smart heating controls’ you will have no shortage of results, including sufficient evaluations of the Wiser to keep you occupied for hours. The majority of these articles generally focus on system configuration as well as restricted utilize over a few days.  The true test of these systems only includes living with them as well as when commissioned, the capability to fail to remember it’s there. This short article highlights a few of our experiences with the Wiser system over the past year.

Change for the Better

It would appear a great deal has occurred because the introduce of Wiser. For some publish introduce purchasers the installation process did appear to throw up issues. Judging by the comments left on our previous articles the primary problem was range. This appeared to be a typical style amongst early individuals as comments on Screwfix as well as Amazon evaluations mirrored a few of the comments we received.



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Our test home is a long bungalow with the boiler as well as controls found at one end of the residential or commercial property as well as the bedrooms at the other. We are not conscious of any type of system that might cope with those distances as well as we were stretching the abilities of the Wiser system. To illustrate, we even requirement 3 WiFi gain access to points to get full coverage. We experienced with low signal stamina as well as unreliable connections with gadgets dropping off the network however thankfully this was conquer with the utilize of mains powered variety extenders offered by Drayton. The variety extenders offer a fit together network as well as enable the Wiser gadgets signal to hop back to the warm Hub, ensuring we had full protection over the property.

There have been a number of firmware updates for all the gadgets over the past 12 months. The app has likewise had updates including an interface refresh. These updates have all assisted with system stability as well as introduced new features. The visual revitalize of the app is subtle as well as provides a succinct view of the space temperatures as well as the devices.

Home screen – before (left) as well as after the revitalize picture (right)

Device details interface – before (left) as well as after the revitalize picture (right)

New Hardware

Users can now purchase a wise plug with variety prolonging abilities which is a new addition to the hardware range. The app now supports manage as well as arranging of the wise plugs as well as the earlier variety extenders enabling individuals to manage plugged in gadgets such as lights through the app or Alexa.

Whilst this is a fantastic add-on to the Wiser ecosystem you most likely won’t be installing Wiser for this function alone as other wise plugs are offered for less however this is a fantastic addition to an existing house broad system. We now have lights plugged into our wise plugs that we manage through Alexa. We have set the lights to operate to a schedule. This is a practical function daily as well as a helpful safety and security function that provide the appearance of profession when we are away.

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Nye funktioner

New features with version 3 of the app include a ‘Comfort Mode’. The system learns exactly how long it takes for a space to reach temperature as well as then adjusts the boiler on schedule to guarantee the space is at the target temperature at the ‘on time’ set in the schedule. Drayton have likewise included ‘open window detection’ which can be enabled space by room.

Comfort mode info

There is a function to lock the iTRV so anybody adjusting the thermostat cannot modification the temperature mechanically through the device.

The system now supports IFTTT to assist link to other systems as well as adding features such as geofencing. You might activate or deactivate the heating based on your place or switch a wise plug on or off. ideally much more triggers as well as actions will follow.


Retired Features

With the recent revitalize one apparent function has been retired, the signal stamina icon. individuals no longer see the signal stamina bars. individuals will only get notified to ‘No Signal’ with a flashing red triangle in the app or on the space thermostats. This did make us ask where has it gone? Hvad vil vi gøre? On reflection why care about the signal strength? As long as gadgets link as well as stay connected. possibly a few of our preliminary ‘range anxiety’ problems would have been avoided if this had been the method from introduce nevertheless we would still have been calling the assist desk for our ‘No signal’ issues.

Help at Hand

The assist desk now operates 08:00 to 21:00 Monday to Friday as well as 09:00 to 17:00 at weekends.

We made a number of phone calls to the assist desk as well as phone calls were generally responded to promptly. The personnel were useful although during the early stages of our configuration some seemed to be complying with a diagnostic script as well as when total rapidly needed to refer to somebody else with much more experience.

We likewise submitted problems through email as well as whilst taking longer to respond to these tickets they were always complied with up on.

Range Matters

Most of the problems we dealt with were variety related. Thankfully we appear to have got to the bottom of the problems because of the improved firmware as well as cautious positioning of the wise plug / variety extenders to type a fit together network. We held off adding much more gadgets to the system for a time up until we ended up being comfortable with its reliability. We can report that we have continued added much more gadgets as well as are intent on being 100% Wiser.

Incremental Additions

One of the selling points of this system (or any type of room/radiator zoning system) is the capability to add incrementally to it. Whilst this is true we discovered that unless all radiators in a conventional zone are equipped with iTRV’s the heating in some spaces would be on longer that needed as a space equipped with the iTRV might potentially keep the boiler running. We prioritised fitting the system to the bedrooms to realise the full benefit of the system. Our child would come house from institution as well as go to her bedroom to do homework (more like view YouTube). previously she would turn on the heating for the bedroom zone, heating all the bedrooms, now just her space is heated to a schedule.

We now have 12 iTRV’s, two space thermostats as well as three variety extenders controlling 10 rooms. We still have 5 radiators operated by conventional TRV’s that we will eventually switch to iTRV’s.

Batteri liv

Two of the iTRV’s have had their supplied batteries replaced after 9 months as well as a third gadget is currently showing low battery. It would be helpful to see battery life expressed as a percentage. The gadgets appear to be consuming batteries at different rates. This is most likely attributable to exactly how difficult the gadgets are having to work based on their schedules, temperature fluctuations in the spaces as well as signal strength. It’s difficult to envisage batteries long lasting 2 years however be sure to inspect Automated house in October 2019 for our next instalment!

The owner of one more system we assisted set up called the assist desk to talk about short battery life as well as he was told to send an iTRV back to the seller as hardware enhancements had been made that enhanced battery life.

Is the cost Still Right?

One noteworthy modification because our preliminary purchase has been price. At the time of our preliminary analysis we did a expense comparison with other systems as well as the Wiser system was by far the most total as well as cost-effective.

Detcost of the Wiser elements have enhanced considerably from our original retailer, Screwfix. extra iTRV’s were at first bought for £34.99 each from Screwfix. They are now on sale in Screwfix for £52.79 which is in the exact same cost bracket as numerous other wise radiator valves.  That’s a big £17.79 or 50% increase.

Thankfully they can be bought from Amazon for £39.99. That’s still a market leading cost for such a gadget as well as still makes Drayton a champion in our expense effectiveness assessment. The Drayton site listings authorized Wiser retailers.

It does pay to inspect these links for pricing as the iTRV example above illustrates there can be big variations in pricing. Amazon are charging £41.99 for the wise plug as well as the exact same gadget is offered from City Plumbing supplies for £34.99. At the time of inspecting the other sellers were not showing the wise plug on their Wiser product pages.

To Do List

In part 3 of our original series we compiled a listing of recommendation that we believed would make the system much more user-friendly. having utilized the system for a year we do believe these concepts [are deserving of] consideration by the Drayton advancement team. Some features we would promote are noted below.

1. We now have several gadgets as well as several spaces as well as managing temperature space by space can be tedious. The capability to organize the spaces or zones in hierarchical tiers. It would be helpful to have the choice of ordering these in a rational fashion. example organisation:

The home – all spaces all zones

The Downstairs – living rooms





The Upstairs – bedrooms


Kids bedroom

Baby’s bedroom


Having added hierarchical tiers it would be helpful to manage at a tier level so you might increase the heating for the entire home or just the bedroom group rather than having to change each one separately. This would be especially helpful when you end up with great deals of rooms. exact same theory might apply to programming schedule, set a routine at a parent level as well as push to all the kid levels as well as then modify the exceptions.

We have 3 plug-in variety extenders as well as they have been unplugged a couple of times rendering parts of the system inoperable. We have used ‘Do not switch off’ labels however offering difficult wired variety extender modules would enhance the expert nature of the system. These modules might be linked to a long-term mains supply as well as hidden in a socket back box or a subtle housing that might be permanently mounted to the wall next to a socket. This would need a qualified electrician to set up rather than being a diy job. possibly a push notification of a ‘No Signal’ happening with a gadget would enable proactive investigation / treatment rather than somebody complaining the home or a space was cold.
We have gone on getaway putting the system in ‘away mode’ as well as then forgotten to take it off before coming home. It would be good to routine the end of ‘Away Mode’ so you don’t have to keep in mind to turn the heating on just before you return from your trip. A broad geofence may have prevented that however it would be good to do it natively in the app.

Still Teething?

The system is not glitch free. At the time of composing the cloud service was experiencing condition issue, for example when trying to update a routine the app might freeze, not all the time however sometimes. The problem was resolved before we published.

The app just recently updated to version 3 as well as informed us about the new ‘Comfort Mode’ however when we went into the app there was no indication of it. We later found the warm Hub had not completed its firmware upgrade to allow this mode however 48 hours later the firmware had updated as well as we enabled comfort mode. possibly coordinating hardware updates with app refreshes might be improved.

These are fairly minor issues. They did not impinge on the operation of the system as well as would most likely go unnoticed by numerous users. We most likely requirement to get outside much more rather than playing with our heating system!

We likewise had an problem with the last batch of thermostats we purchased, one of them checked out the temperature between 7.5-8 deg c, clearly incorrect. We completed a factory reset on the gadget however it still had the exact same issues. We altered the routine for the gadget to permanently Off otherwise it would be continuously requiring heat. We called the assist desk on Monday morning as well as was told to return it to the retailer. This was Amazon as well as a replacement was shipped the exact same day leaving us to publish back the defective system utilizing the prepaid postage.

Any Richer?

So we may be a great deal Wiser however are we richer? There are different declares made about the cost savings that can be understood changing to a wise heating system by di

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