SMA Sunny house manager Maximises Self usage for Solar PV owners

Exporting the unused energy created on domestic Solar PV systems is a poor idea. The present rate in our area is only around £0.03 per kWh as well as some countries are eliminating export tariffs completely,

It’s much much better then to utilize every ounce of your house made energy yourself as well as well understood German manufacturer SMA has a system to assist you do that automatically. We asked a few concerns about their system…

The SMA Sunny house manager appears to be designed to maximise self-consumption for houses with Solar PV. Can you explain a typical scenario?

The SMA Sunny house manager is installed in a household home were people want to utilize their self-produced PV energy in the most cost-effective as well as intelligent way. The Sunny house manager screens all energy flows in the home, determines prospective cost savings immediately as well as enhances solar power use. To do so, it compiles as well as combines info from the PV system as well as home energy usage data. Being linked to major home appliances, Sunny house manager optimizes the energy flow between all appropriate tons as well as the offered solar energy.

Do you require battery storage as well as new inverter to utilize house Manager?

No, the Sunny house manager may likewise be utilized without battery storage as well as in already existing PV systems with SMA inverters.

Can the system utilize outside data like weather condition forecasts to quote the days generation as well as plan ahead?

Yes, the Sunny house manager utilizes a specially optimized PV prognosis algorithm including weather condition forecasts from the Web for that.

Home manager can manage special appliances, like those from Miele @ home. Is there a method to manage older ‘dumb’ appliances too?

Yes, older appliances can be managed via the SMA radio-controlled sockets that may be bought in a set with the Sunny house Manager.

What communications techniques does house manager utilize to interact with gadgets around the home?

The system can utilize Ethernet / Plugwise radio-controlled sockets via Ethernet-ZigBee as well as our own SMA radio-controlled sockets via Bluetooth.

How many gadgets / circuits can HM screen as well as manage as well as is the info offered online?

Power usage can be monitored on as much as 23 gadgets with active manage on as much as 12. The info is offered on the internet in our Sunny / Sunny locations on the internet portals.

Does the system make decisions autonomously or is it programmed by the house owner?

After the house owner has set the parameters to his preferences, e.g. which time he needs the dishwasher or the washing machine program to be finished, the system operates separately as well as selects the suitable begin time for expense optimized energy consumption.

Can house manager be an entire house automation system or is it an add-on to one?

In a wise house context, SMA’s focus is on energy effectiveness with automated appliance as well as storage control. In addition, an entire house automation system usually likewise comprises remote manage of appliances as well as security/health applications. SMA’s system can be integrated with the other wise house systems. Our open interface policy supports total integration into comprehensive wise house system dashboards.

Can house manager be fitted by the house owner or does it requirement to be professionally installed?

We suggest installation by a trained installer. With a appropriate system setup, system operation is steady as well as yields great energy expense cost savings via the automatic manage of appliances as well as storage systems.

Thanks for speaking to us. Whats the very best place to discover out more about house Manager?

Thanks, you can discover all information, downloads, etc. on the Sunny house manager Website.  :  Solar energy Monitor

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